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Your Body Can Talk !!

If your body could tell you what it needs to be healthy what would it say? More water? A change in diet? Supplements? When it comes to optimum well being, your body can tell you what it needs. But how do you talk to your body to find out what that is? The answer lies in a breakthrough biocommunication technology from ZYTO. This patent pending technology asks your body questions and records the answers. The computer sends your body a question called a digital stressor and then monitors your response by tracking changes in galvanic skin response (GSR), a well established biomarker. It’s a stimulus-response exchange between the computer and your body, and by applying proprietary formulas to the data gathered we are able to interpret what your body is saying.

Why Is Bio-Communication Important To You?

This exciting new way of communicating with your body has never been possible before. It’s an effective way of providing your healthcare professional with more details about your current health status. This information helps determine which clinical solutions will have the most positive impact on your health in the least amount of time. ZYTO’s technology does not diagnose or treat disease but rather analyzes and records imbalances in the body. Then again using the Zyto software program, the appropriate therapies and supplements can be identified to correct your specific imbalances.

Dr. Jaakkola utilizes several techniques and adjunctive therapies to correct those imbalances:

Click here for Body Balancing Techniques

What Can You Expect From Your Experience?

The interface between your body and ZYTO’s bio-communication software is the ergonomically designed hand cradle. You simply rest your hand on the hand cradle while the computer sends digital stressors and gathers your response data. In this way your healthcare provider is able to gather significant information about your body. This information is then used to make more effective clinical decisions. The whole experience is comfortable and painless; most people don’t feel any sensation at all.

Remote Testing

All ZYTO technology is internet based and creates a tremendous opportunity for working with your health care professional at a distance. You will be able to “visit” your doctor without leaving your home. Please contact the clinic for more detailed information.

How long does it take to see results?

Different people respond at different rates, depending on a variety of factors. For example, a three year old child with a recent history of illness will respond faster than a sixty-five year old person who has had a problem for fifty years. Life-style, diet, physical condition, and trauma are but a few of the factors which play a role in the healing process.

Generally , it takes 4-6 weeks for every year the person has had the condition. Health conditions the body has not been able to resolve (i.e. a viral imbalance) are "buried " and may stay in the body for years before the body is able to start addressing the issue. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold these unresolved issues in check while the body deals with the every day activities of survival. These unresolved conditions are often responsible for functional diseases in which a person "just doesn't feel well" or "hurts all the time". Standard laboratory and diagnostic tests may be within the "normal" range or inconclusive in functional illnesses. This is because the illness is sub clinical, meaning the illness has not progressed enough to spill over into the body fluids. A person can be in ill health without having positive laboratory tests.

Testing is scheduled every 4-8 weeks initially until all the major issues are resolved. A person then has the option of periodic retesting on a maintenance schedule to head off imbalances before they become major health issues.

The body was designed to be well. The beauty of this type of system is it enables a person to function at their optimal level and eliminate illness before it occurs. The Chinese have a saying," You were born to perform". The Zyto Biocommunication system assists the body in doing just that!

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